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You read that right - at our bistru we make our own bread lemonades and bread kvass.

What, that it is the kvass?


Kvass is a fermented drink based on live yeast and bread. We wanted to follow our own path of fermented drinks, because almost everyone already knows kombucha and you can have it (in better or worse quality) almost everywhere. So when we thought about the concept of Bistro Na Chlebu, we also thought about the way we would go about fermenting our own drink.


We decided on the kvass route. At the moment we are making kvass from rye bread with apples, which gives the drink a slightly musty touch. The whole process takes several days and it is necessary to work with the yeast on a daily basis until the fermentation is at the desired stage. We are glad that you keep coming back for kvass and that you like it so much. It forces us to think about how to take our work further.

Bread lemonade? I can't imagine that.


We couldn't either at first. It was also for us in the beginning a big challenge and a lot of trials before we figured out how to get the taste of bread into the fruit lemonade so that it would still be harmonious and soft. 


For production, we use only fresh fruit, from which we make our bread cake. For example, for our pear lemonade, we used 8 kilograms of pears per 10 liters of lemonade, which gives the lemonade fullness. And how do we get the taste of bread into lemonade? So we'll keep this for ourselves this time, J. Come and taste it and try to guess how we prepare the lemonade.

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