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Coffee Office: A new trend of work in Prague bistros

Tired of the stereotype of working from the office or at home alone? Are you looking for an inspiring and friendly environment where you can work better? Then Coffee Office is right for you ! This is a new trend of working in bistros, which is gaining more and more popularity in Prague.

Advantages of working from Coffee Office:

  • Informal atmosphere: Forget about the strict dress code and the discomfort of the office, or the silence of the home. The bistros have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages creativity and concentration.

  • Networking: Surround yourself with inspiring people from different fields. At Coffee Office you have a great opportunity to make contacts and build professional relationships.

  • Increase productivity: A change of environment will help you get rid of the stereotype and boost your productivity. In the bistros, you can also have excellent coffee and taste delicious food that will give you energy.

How to choose the ideal Coffee Office:

  • Availability: Choose a bistro that is close to where you live or work.

  • Opening hours: Find out if the bistro has opening hours that work for you.

  • Equipment: The bistro should have comfortable seating, enough outlets and a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Atmosphere: Choose a bistro with a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere that suits you.


Bistro Karlín:

Are you looking for the ideal Coffee Office in Prague? Try our Bistro na Chlebu . It offers a great atmosphere, comfortable seating, excellent coffee and delicious food. It is located in the center of Prague, so it is easily accessible.

Come and experience the benefits of working from Coffee Office for yourself!

Taste the goodies from the bread and meet an inspiring community of people who also like to work from the bistro.


More information at:

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