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One family

Bistro Na Chlebu is a branch of the catering company FoodArt agency, which also runs the Caffé Pellé cafe.

The motto of the FoodArt agency is: "What really matters is the experience you take away".


We believe ​that every event is special and every moment matters, and that is exactly how we approach it. _11100000-0000-0000-0000- 000000000111_

The most important thing for us is the experience you take with you. ​ FoodArt namely. consists of a group of people who do not take their work as an obligation but as their hobby.


In several years of operation, we have already created a permanent clientele, which regularly returns to us thanks to our approach and quality. We believe that each request needs to be looked at individually and based on that we compile an offer. All the details are important to us, which sometimes even the client doesn't solve J. We compile the offer according to the composition of people, according to the venue, according to the time frame, according to seasonality and other aspects, but always so that it is according to the client's wishes.

Villa Pellé, or Pellé's villa, is a neo-Renaissance building in a residential part of Prague 6, surrounded by unique historical buildings, located in a quiet zone and at the same time excellently accessible. Villa Pellé is an ideal space for cultural and social events of a diverse nature. And this is exactly where we decided that our cafe would be.


Part of the cafe is a beautiful garden, which in good weather creates a complete oasis of calm just a few meters from the subway. Come to us to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the art gallery, garden and great cafe.

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