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What to do in Karlín - 7 tips for a beautiful afternoon

Karlín is located in Prague 8 and stretches between Libní and Nový Město . Prague 8 is exceptional in that it is the only part of the city adjacent to the historic core (in the past, the famous Těšnov railway station stood here) and further extends beyond the borders of the capital.

Cooperative Gallery

There is a public gallery on the third floor of the headquarters of the insurance company Kooperativa in Karlín, Prague. Every year, two thematic exhibitions are prepared here, which combine works from the own art collection as well as loaned works from other galleries and private collections . On weekdays, you can enjoy a visit with a cup of good coffee and some dessert in the adjacent cafe, which is right next to the gallery.

Church of St. Cyril and Methodius

The impressive three-nave neo-Romanesque basilica in Prague's Karlín, built of worked stone according to the architectural patterns of old Romanesque churches, ranks among the top church buildings in Bohemia with its vastness .

The church was built in the middle of the 19th century, the architects Karl Rösner and Vojtěch Ignác Ullmann took part in the project, the construction work was carried out by Jan Bělský, and the stonework by Karel Svoboda.

Karlín Cyril and Metoděj - the portal by the author VitVit is licensed under CC BY 4.0 . "

Kaizl sets

The park in Karlín creates the atmosphere of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here you will find replicas of historical lanterns and benches from the days of old Prague . By the lake you can see a bronze statue of a sitting girl called Memory. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the park most outside of working days, for example on a sunny weekend.

" Kaizlovy sady Karlín " by Petr Vilgus is licensed under CC BY 3.0 . "

Karlín Musical Theater

The third oldest theater facility in Prague opened only 15 days after the fire of the National Theater in 1881. The original arena, which was more used for circus, magic and Lilliputian performances, developed over time into today's renowned stage for musicals and operettas.

Today, you can go to the theater almost every day to see a musical, from age-tested classics to new film adaptations.

Link to the website:

Invalid building

Invalidovna in Karlín is one of the oldest buildings in this part of town. It was built between 1731-1737 as a refuge for war veterans who would otherwise have ended up in the poorhouse or had to beg for alms.

The construction was initiated by Count Petr Strozzi, who experienced with his own eyes the suffering of wounded soldiers. He was inspired by the French king Louis XIV, known as the Sun King , who had the first military invalid home built in Paris.

" Invalidovna v Prague " by author VitVit is licensed under CC BY 4.0 . "

Universe Medúz mural in Karlín

An impressive large-format painting called "Vesmír Medúz" was created on Křižíková Street, which decorates the entire side facade of house No. 61. In 2022, this mural was created by street art artist Michal Škapa . Passers-by moving around the house suddenly stop when they discover a hidden section between the buildings. The Vesmír Medúz mural depicts two worlds that are converging in their beauty. The microcosm of the underwater depths and the macrocosm, the universe.


Karlín is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and most interesting parts of Prague, offering a wide range of attractive activities and places to explore. From historical monuments, modern cultural scene, cozy cafes to stylish restaurants. Thanks to its charm, Karlín definitely has something to offer for every visitor.


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