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Selling bread

Do you know what combines a perfect breakfast, a delicious lunch and a delicious dinner? The right bread! And that's what we want to talk about today. In Karlín's Bistro na Chlebu, we have chosen the best artisan breads baked in the traditional way , which we provide as a basic ingredient in all our dishes. And as we say: If there is bread, there is no hunger!

Artisan bread from Zrnko Zrno bakery

When it comes to bread, we are honest. We buy it directly from the artisan bakery Zrnko Zrno , which specializes in traditional ways of baking bread and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Their assortment offers a wide range of breads, but we choose from the three most popular basic varieties: "four", "grain" and "rye" .

Why bread from Zrnko Zrno bakery?

Bread from this bakery is the best solution for us. Why? Because we know it is made with love , care, experience and the best ingredients . Each piece of bread is carefully made and prepared to meet the most demanding taste preferences of our customers.

Sale of artisanal bread in Karlín - Monday and Wednesday

Bread can be purchased in our Bread Bistro as a whole for 120 crowns , twice a week. Just arrive on Monday or Wednesday and enjoy the freshest piece of bread to please your taste buds.

All our breads come directly from the Zrnko Zrno bakery, so you know you're getting only the best. Come and see for yourself and treat yourself to a taste explosion in the form of fresh crispy bread! Visit our Bistro na Chlebu in Karlín and taste how our passion for quality bread comes to life in all the dishes on offer. We're here to bring the best of artisanal bakery right to your plates!

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